Garden Workday and Pollination Walk – Saturday June 24

After some very hot weather, we had a cool and overcast day for our work.
We removed many weeds and invasive plants, up-righted a pussy willow that had fallen in a storm, spread chips on the paths and put in a few new plants.
Thanks to Stephan, Cherie, George, Sue, Johanna and David.

At 12 we had a very informative walk on pollination led by Jenifer Lopez a postdoc fellow at Harvard.  There are at least eight different ways that plants are pollinated and the shape, size and color of the flowers provide a guide to the approach that they use.

Jenifer discusses pollination at a Mulberry tree by the boat ramp.

Wind is the primary means of pollination for mulberry trees, as the tree’s small, light flowers are easily carried by gusts of wind. Bees and other insects are also attracted to mulberry blooms and help to transfer pollen from flower to flower.

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P.S. We saw several Canada Geese with their goslings near the boat ramp.  But there were no swans about today.