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The Park & Recreation Commission, Conservation Commission and Reservoir Committee are holding a public meeting to gather input to assist the Town and it's consultant with developing a CPA-funded master plan for improvements to the Arlington Reservoir.  The meeting will take place at the Reservoir on Saturday, September 30th from 10am-2pm (see flyer)

Arlington Reservoir Project message from Leslie Mayer.  Just wanted to update you and see if you could start spreading the word to your various Town connections...Pct.21 TMM, Mt. Gilboa, A-DOG, V2020, etc

The Master Plan Project for the Arlington Reservoir area, which is being funded by the CPA, is underway, and it's going to be an exciting process!  Weston & Sampson has been hired as the consultants on the project.  They are a great firm with a broad range of resources/skills and are very familiar with Arlington, having done the Res Dam rehabilitation project, North Union Spray Park, Hibbert St. and now Robbins Farm Park projects.  David White and I will be heavily involved in the project and attended the kick-off meeting just last week.

We are planning an extensive public input process, beginning with an on-site public meeting tentatively scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 30 from 10am-2pm.  Like the Robbins Farm meeting, Weston & Sampson will be at the Res that day to listen - seeking input and ideas.  There will be tours around the Res lead by members of the team and some large aerial photos of the property in a couple of locations, so that ideas can be captured and noted.

There will be notices and alerts sent out by the Town about the public meeting, but we wanted to start spreading the word, so that people will begin to think about the Res and the improvements that they would like to see.  So, if you could help us get the word out about the project and the meeting, we'd appreciate it.

Please send your comments  and questions to Leslie Mayer (

Additional documents pertaining to the Reservoir Master Plan:

FY2018 CPA ARL RESERVOIR- Final Application

Att C Reservoir ADA

Att F Arlington Reservoir ProjectApproach_AZ

Att F1 Arlington Res Master PlanProposal_W&S_compressed (Part 1)

Att F1 Arlington Res Master PlanProposal_W&S_compressed (Part 2)

Att F2 Reservoir Survey CostSummary

Att F3 ArlRes PCS_environmental services

Att E Reservoir survey

1.20.17 Arlington Reservoir Power-Point

RFP - Arlington Reservoir CPA FY18 Project

09 30 017 Public Meeting Flyer

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